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In my current newsletter: Autism: One Word, Many Truths. What’s Yours? … and what StarTrek has to do with all this.
Click here for downloadable PDF summary of my book  Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew.

Click here for downloadable PDF of Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew.

This month in my Perspectives column in Autism Aspergers Digest:What does autism “awareness” mean to you? Better question—what does it mean to those who think autism doesn’t touch them? Autism Awareness is Not Enough
Did you miss my last newsletter? Autism Misconceptions for Smarties asks, what’s the difference between a dummy and a smarty? Lack of knowledge doesn’t make a person a dummy,  but a smarty’s know-it-all lack of willingness to learn is a dangerous thing.

In the current issue of Children’s Voice, I turn my Exceptional Children column over to my son Bryce for his inspirational essay, “I Choose to be Optimistic.” 

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