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The volume of email I receive means I’m not always able to provide a personal answer. Many questions come up regularly, and you can find answers to some of them by browsing my books, articles, blog and newsletter archive on this site. I reserve the right to publish questions submitted via website, email, social media or print columns along with my answers. Identifying information will be omitted and/or changed.

Reprint, posting, reproduction and/or other usage requests must include all of the following:

Full title of the work you’re requesting
Your full name and position (parent, teacher, editor, clinician, etc.)
Full name of your organization or website.
Full name of the publication or website.
State whether you are seeking print, electronic posting and/or PowerPoint or other presentation permission. If requesting posting permission, include the URL of the site and password to the site if necessary.

Allow at least three business days for response, more during high-interest times such as Autism Awareness Month, holidays, and beginning of school year. Do not send multiple messages or duplicate your request on Facebook. This slows my ability to respond efficiently to all requests.

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