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July 2017
Hitting the Mindset Reset Button

May 2017
Confronting the Ominous New Age of Autism Awareness

April 2017
The real “real world” you want for your child with autism, and how to get there

December 2016
28 Timeless, Trendless Thought Bytes for Gifting a Child with Autism

April 2016
- Wimps welcome here

March 2016
– “I think my dad is on the autism spectrum”

April 2015
– You’re Doing Fine

February 2015
- The Road Potholed with Good Intentions

December 2014
- The R-Word You Want for Your Child with Autism

November 2014
- When Great Expectations Aren’t–and Why That’s Great

August 2014
- Dude, where’s my IEP? Ten Things Parents of Children with Autism Want Principals to Know

June 2014
- Smarts and Crafts: Message in a Birdhouse
- New e-book edition of The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Traveled

May 2014
- The Two-Word Mantra for IEP Meetings
- The One-Frame Graphic Mantra for IEP Meetings
- Who are They Calling a Lost Cause?

April 2014
- Autism: One Word, Many Truths … and what Star Trek has to do with all of this

March 2014
- Autism Misconceptions for Smarties

January 2014
- And You Can Quote Me on That

December 2013
- With a Little Help from Your (New) Friends

November 2013
- Autism Mad-Libs: How to Fill in the Blanks

October 2013
- Ten Things Your Child with Autism Wishes You Wouldn’t Share

June 2013
- Holding Up the Mirror of Accountability

April 2013
- Autism awareness is not enough

March 2013
- The Cat’s Pajamas: Demystifying idioms for concrete thinkers

February 2013
- Why Johnny Can’t Be Good

January 2013
- On the Spectrum Between Context and Contest

November 2012
- Lessons from a Not-So-Cowardly Lion

October 2012
- Guest essayist Bryce Notbohm: “I Choose to be Optimistic”

August 2012
- Apology Not Accepted

May 2012
- A Fine (Motor) State of Affairs

April 2012
- Alike, Not Less

January 2012
- Experts One and All

December 2011
- Comeback . . . or Setback?

November 2011
- All-Inclusive: How Parents and Teachers Can Encourage Sports Participation for Children with Autism

October 2011
- Raising a Quitter

August 2011
- The People in Your Language-Depleted Neighborhood

July 2011 highlights
- Bryce Notbohm, Valedictorian: “I see myself as a man, not an autistic man.”
- Text and photos of Bryce’s graduation speech

January 2011 highlights
- No Whining on the Yacht
- Ten Somethings for 2011