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As editors you have, of course, read Mark Twain’s Roughing It?” Nobody except he who has tried it, knows what it is to be an editor… fancy how you would feel if you had to pump your brains dry every day in the week, fifty-two weeks in the year… Ever since I survived my week as editor, I have found…pleasure in..admiring the long columns of editorial, and wondering to myself how in the mischief he did it!”

And as editors, I’m hopeful that you “do it” with the help of dependable writers nimble enough to grab your readers’ attention as they whiz through the current issue. I’m here to do that for you — but don’t take my word for it. I’ll let your colleagues speak for me here, then please click over to What Readers Say for the rest of the story.

Cruise my article anthology. I write a lot about autism but I write about many other subjects as well, from baseball to genealogy to humor and to issues that confront and confound us in our vibrant 21stcentury lifestyle. Twain also said, “To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement.” But I say, “Let’s be able to say we never stopped trying.”

What can I do for you?

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What Editors and Publishers say about Ellen…

“Writers abound, but good writers who are also easy to work with and deadline conscious are precious and few. Ellen goes one step further and is never lacking for a fresh idea to delight our readers. She’s a ‘page one’ writer all around!”

–Veronica Zysk, Managing Editor - Autism Asperger’s Digest Magazine

“Ellen is fantastic. She’s never pitched an ordinary article to me. And more than once I had to wonder just how she’d make that topic fit our audience. Yet somehow she impresses me every time. When I see her finished article on paper, I realize that Ellen knew all along that what she was writing was family history gold.”

– Jeanie Croasmun, Managing Editor - Ancestry magazine


“Ellen’s articles garner more reader feedback than any other author we print. She not only offers readers first-hand knowledge and the voice of a kindred spirit from the parenting trenches, but goes further to spell out strategies and impart inspiration. Her ideas and insights apply to all families, though clearly resonate most strongly with families on the autism spectrum. Her work is first rate and a valuable addition to our publication.”

-Annie O’Brien, Editor, Family Times Publications

“Ellen’s contributions to Children’s Voice Magazine have been enormously popular with readers. She clearly strikes a chord with parents and other readers, who value her insights and wisdom enough to share them with others who are experiencing similar issues.”

–Steve Boehm
former Editor in Chief, Children’s Voice magazine
Child Welfare League of America

“Ellen’s writing has a way of reaching out to all readers; it feels as though she is in the room explaining her ideas to you. She truly dedicates all of herself to her work and to helping others in their personal journeys. It is no surprise to me that her audience is expanding worldwide!”

– Kelly Gilpin, Editorial Director, Future Horizons, Inc.

“When Ellen’s articles hit my desk, I always look for a way to include them in upcoming issues. I got more calls and emails about her autism article than about any other piece of editorial I’ve used in the last several years. Parents of typical and challenged children called to tell me how much they learned from her. Her writing is fantastic and she’s a joy to work with!”

Amy Leigh Wilson, Editor and Publisher, Mahoning Valley Parent Magazine

“Ellen is creative, clever, and passionate about her writing, making her very effective as an author and autism advocate. Her success means success for kids with autism.”

–R. Wayne Gilpin, President, Future Horizons, Inc.

“We at Parents and Kids consider it a great privilege to benefit from the wisdom and compassion that Ellen demonstrates in her writing. Her articles on the complex issues surrounding autism are informative, enlightening and give our readers a real sense of the challenges facing children and families who must cope with this disorder. But most importantly, she puts a face behind this disorder and reminds all of us that with love and understanding every child has amazing potential.”

–Heather Kempski, Editor, Parents and Kids

“Ellen Notbohm is a talented contributor to Healing Magazine whose articles have become a mainstay of our publication. Whether she is writing about dealing with teachers or determining if your child is ready for college or finding humor in the most embarrassing situations, Ellen teaches us to live life to its fullest. She is a determined advocate for children and parents who live with autism, providing valuable information and deep understanding in beautifully written, passionate articles. Her books are an inspiration to any reader, and her intelligence and wit are second to none. Our readers run the gamut from physicians and clinicians to educators, parents, family members and referral agencies, and  Ellen’s articles are popular with both subscribers and visitors to Thank you, Ellen, for your loyalty and your wisdom.”

Pat Sullivan, Senior Writer & Editor of Healing Magazine

“Ellen is an editor’s dream, presenting good, clean copy, and keeping a constant finger on the readers’ pulse with an eye toward delivering what they want. She is the perfect combination: highly intelligent, sensitive and tender, and funny!”

–Jennifer McCammon, Publisher, Spot Magazine

Former Publisher and Editor, Portland Family Magazine