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What We Leave Unsaid, Autism Asperger’s Digest

Included in The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Traveled

“Having just read this, it is difficult not to sob. So true, so heart-wrenching. The memories are painful and yet so joyful too, memories coupled with deep worries for the future. I felt every inch of your article throughout my entire body.  Beautifully written, but the best part of the article was the great relaxed smile on your son’s face!”

Rx for Battle Fatigue, Autism Asperger’s Digest

Included in The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Traveled

“Outstanding! I want to share this article with everyone I know.”

“You have said everything I would want to say. Your story gives me an incredible amount of hope.”

The Wind Beneath My Wings, Autism Asperger’s Digest

Included in The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Traveled

“What a beautiful and inspirational piece this was to me. It made me sad and then happy. After I read your story twice, I realized that my son is going to be OK.”

Risk is Not a Four-Letter Word, Autism Asperger’s

Included in The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Traveled

“When I read your article, I thought that’s our child to a T. Thank you for articulating the very concept that we have been trying to ascertain – teaching the concept of degrees.”

Emma’s Unmarked Rest, Ancestry magazine

“It was touching to feel your empathy for the parents of a lost child. So many children died young in those days that it is easy to think of them as statistics and not people. You did a wonderful job of reminding us that ‘these lives mattered,’ as do all lives.”

“Just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your very interesting article. Hopefully, it will encourage others to not give up tedious searches, that there is more than just a little satisfaction from the effort expended.”

With Both Feet on the Ground, Ancestry magazine

“You hooked me with the first sentence and carried me through to the end–and I wasn’t finished reading when I got to the end. I wanted more. Not because you didn’t tell a whole story, but because I cared about your search…How wonderful of Edmonton to support you so generously. I wanted to write to them and tell them thanks for being so helpful to you. You seem to be the kind of person who brings out the best in people.”


What an incredible story that brought you to Edmonton! It really encompasses what Edmonton is all about.”

A Tombstone Tells Its Story, Ancestry magazine

Excellent story. One of the most interesting I’ve ever read.”

“Ellen Notbohm went to North Dakota to look for her family’s history, stumbled across the tombstone of Even Paulson, and the ‘most atrocious crime in Traill County history’ is forgotten no more.”

“Every life (dead or alive) has a great story, we only need to listen.”

“To learn how Ellen Notbohm ‘went to North Dakota looking for ancestors and came home with a police escort,’  you’ll just have to read this interesting story yourself.”

“Having been a prosecutor in my earlier life I found this story interesting.”

Little Boy Found: the voyage of a 111-year-old tombstone ends where it began Ancestry Magazine

“I was with you every step in the adventure. The best part was your final words. People who are not into genealogy often ask me why we walk and record cemeteries. Now I have the best answer and I hope you will not mind that I use it: ‘We do it because every life matters.’”

“Your story of Willie touched me. I have learned that if something isn’t worth sharing, then it isn’t really worth anything at all. (As) an amateur genealogist, my biggest rewards have come when I helped someone else. I know you have also experienced this.”

Too Soon, Ancestry magazine

Words cannot begin to express how moved I was after reading your wonderful story. What a beautiful tribute to your uncle and all the men who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy.”

Younger Every Year: Remembering an Ensign’s 80th Birthday
Chicago Tribune

“A great and an important reminder about heroes, and to help us all remember about the human side of our war losses in war.”

“Thank you for your beautiful words. My oldest son turned 20 in April and it is unfathomable to me, as it is to you, that history continues to repeat itself.”

“What an article! It definitely hit home to me, especially considering all of the young adults that are fighting now. This is a wonderfully written piece and your uncle deserves every bit of it.”


Tragedy or Opportunity?, Ellen’s newsletter


“I loved ‘Tragedy or Opportunity’ Puts things in a different perspective.”


“I am so glad you are able to put into words what I cannot! I do not ‘grieve’ for my child, nor do I want to ‘cure’ him.. The doctor story made me cry all over again. Bryce is an incredible boy, and you are an inspiration! Thanks again for sharing your life with all of us.”


“I gave your books to my son’s teachers and was told they were read and passed around more than People magazine.”

“ANY book Ellen writes on Autism or Asperger’s is filled with wonderful facts and helpful ideas.  I have many of her books that have helped me over the years in raising my grandson.”

“Your books have been an essential part of our “studies” since our two sons) were diagnosed with autism. We bought copies of “Ten Things Every Child…” for every member of our family after the diagnoses.”

“Having read bazillions of books on autism, I cherish yours the most.  I love your sense of humor and honesty.”

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

I gave Ten Things  to my son’s teacher and she loved it. I have bought that book and given it away so many times I have lost count.

You are an inspiration, and Bryce is my hero. I have never been happier. Reading the 10 Things book had such a positive impact on our lives that I can never thank you enough for writing it!

Ten Things was the first book I read when we received our diagnosis. I suggest it for ALL parents when they hear the words, “We think your child has Asperger’s.” Thank you for this terrific book which was our first glimpse into understanding our son.

I cried so hard at the end. It has helped me so much with my son, and I have given it to several clients (I do early intervention) and have some on a waiting list. Thanks for sharing so much of your life!

Absolutely amazing book, hooked. My kid has a future at last. Many thanks, Ellen.

Just finished reading your book and I love it! I can’t help but cry because Bryce is exactly like my son. For months I was at a lost and didn’t know where to start, but your book gave me so much confidence that I can do it too! Thank you for showing me the way.


I do not ever remember an author asking for my opinion at the end of a book.  This is only an example of how “right on” you are. I found your book easy to read, understandable, informative,  and positive. I absolutely enjoyed your style. I told my husband, one paragraph makes me cry, the next has me laughing again. This is a fabulous gift you have with words. Thank you!!


This book is a MUST READ for any parent, grandparent or friend of someone dealing with ASD. While nowhere in this book will you find the words ‘cure’ or ‘recover’, you will find the words ‘choice’ and ‘success’. One of the few authors who has written on the subject that is truly trying to keep her work “reader-friendly”.

I was crying when I picked up Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew and began reading chapter 7, “Focus and Build on What I Can Do Rather Than What I Can’t Do”. I don’t think anything could have made more sense and given me more peace at that very moment. I thank you. My children thank you.


Wow! This book stirred up such emotions for me. EVERY parent needs to read this, not just parents of kids with learning differences.


“I just wish I could have read your book when my son was first diagnosed.  It would have cut my grieving time in half.”

“The most important book I have ever read.”

‘You’ve met my son? How did you know? Your words have empowered me, even more, that my son can achieve so much. I’m sure you get thousands of email just like mine, but know that each one is straight from the heart, and that by sharing your personal experiences you are helping so many of us.”

Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew


“Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew should be standard issue to every teacher out there.”

Thank you for making your book so readable and enjoyable. This is about just good teaching – period. If all teachers taught this way to all students, they would not have to stop and think about how to teach the student with autism for they would already be using the good teaching strategies. It is a nice dream, one I will continue to strive for.”

“As a physician taking care exclusively of children on the autistic spectrum, I laud your book and hope that EVERYONE will read it. I have long believed that these children are special and deserve 100% of our love and attention. Congratulations for issuing a siren call to all of society.”

“Wow! What a great summary of important lessons for educators and parents. This is the most helpful thing I have seen in years.”

“Bravo! Amazing! I just loved the part about the ‘repair’ mode. I was fixed on that part for my son. Too much of his life was focused on what needed fixing. You really have a way of capturing ideas and the heart of these children.”

The Autism Trail Guide: Postcards from the Road Less Traveled

“This is a book that I suggest to any parent with a child on the spectrum and to any teacher under that child’s school roof. Thank you to the author for opening my eyes even wider on what I can do as a parent to help my child as well as help my child’s educators and specialists better understand my child. And how team building is not about who puts down the first block to start the foundation, but rather who’s there to help along the way with that first block, second, third, fourth etc. Thanks, Ellen.”


“I can’t tell you how empowering your book has been for me. You have the most fascinating and hopeful ways of looking at everything.”


“You said many things I needed to hear. You helped me see that my job is to give my son the self-esteem and strength he needs to make this journey. I am positive and hopeful for his future now, I am patient with his progress, but most important, I appreciate everyday I have with him and see what a beautiful child he really is. Your book gave me that and I thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I read every book about autism that I can get my hands on. By far, Ellen’s books are the best. The Autism Trail Guide is a collection of essays, perfect for busy parents and educators who find themselves with only 15 minutes here and there to read. The book is the perfect mixture of information about the nature of autism (including challenging behaviors and sensory issues) and insights that can only come from a parent dealing with autism day in and day out.”

“Just when I was sure I couldn’t read anything new, I picked up The Autism Trail Guide. I can honestly say that it has helped me more than any book I’ve read. Ellen Notbohm’s writing is inspiring, and she gives me strength and hope every day.”

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger’s

“A great handbook for parents, caregivers and teachers of children with ASD. It gives you a feel for what the child is going through so you can empathize rather than criticize. It gives practical ideas for handling the ‘quirks’ of children who perceive the world differently.”

“The book provided information I was unaware of, such as sensitivity to noise, sensory invasion. I used the language activities with a kindergarten and first grade ESL class. They worked.”

“Definitely worthwhile for the special ed teacher and the classroom teacher, and even better for the parents.”

“I like understanding why the ASD child does certain things…and the book has good suggestions for helping he child adapt and fit in.”

“A staple for those who love, live or work with children with autism. The authors’ voices are authoritative and comforting. Perhaps most importantly, they are spot on with the issues. A toolkit packed with ideas, resources, suggestions, and a good dose of encouragement.”

“A friendly voice offering parents and teachers immediately usable ideas that emphasize the practical rather than the technical. Well organized for quick reading, with major ideas preceded by helpful introductory text.”

“ The thoughtful comments about why these suggestions are purposeful and valuable as teaching tools make this a must have for families, childcare providers and special education professionals. The insights the authors share throughout the book put the activities into a real life focus for working with children on the autism spectrum.”

“Great book—couldn’t put it down. So many creative ideas, and all of them detailed and easy to follow.”

“A treasure trove of wonderful ideas and activities! This hope-filled book not only connects the reader to the world of autism spectrum disorders but also provides a multitude of practical solutions to the broad range of challenges that parents and professional face each and every day.”